Shame on Post Office Money credit cards!!!!

7th July 2017 10:06am

I was horrified to see that I had “Purchase Interest” of £37.86 on my Post Office Money credit card.  I was so sure that I had a direct debit in place, but maybe I had dreamt the whole thing and it was my own fault. So I phoned Post Office Money cards and after finishing security I explained the issue.  The lady on the phone told me there was no direct debit set up and hadn’t been one.  I couldn’t understand as I was so sure, but within a minute or two she had asked if there was anything else she could help with, but I declined the kind offer.

Online, it appears that you can only search through a years worth of statements, but luckily I have paper statements going back years.  After a quick rummage I found some in 2014 and 2015 clearly showing there HAD been a direct debit set up.  Redialling the telephone number and again going through the security, I then spoke to Nathan who politely took me through a few more security bits.  I explained the situation to him and he said he couldn’t see back that far.  Sad when technology limits you in such a way and lucky for paper, ehhh.

I reiterated that I was looking at several statements and they showed a direct debit had been in place and I wanted to know why it appeared that it was, no longer.  He went away for a few minutes and came back apologising for the wait.  It appears that although the direct debit had been in place, because I was a good boy and actually made overpayments so that not so much money came out of my account,  this meant that NO money had been coming from the direct debit as I had been clearing the balance in full.  Apparently, after a year of no direct debits, POST OFFICE MONEY, according to Nathan, cancel the direct debit, which is of course in the terms and conditions.

What should I do next, I thought.  I had been polite and courteous, as it wasn’t Nathan’s fault, so decided to ask, as a gesture of goodwill, if they would refund the Purchase Interest of £37.86.

Nathan didn’t have that authority, so he went away again and apologised for putting me on hold again.  He came back with a “No”.

“Wow”, I thought, “How Sad”.

I then said, I would like a copy of the terms and conditions, to which he agreed, and I believe they will be posted or emailed.  I am sure the relevant text will be in there and that’s life, but how sad that I would not have been notified that the direct debit had been cancelled.

I can’t resist mentioning our sterling silver money charms B-)

Doing a good old internet search, it appears that it is standard practise with banks and dormant Direct Debits.