we hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year.
Thankyou to all our customers that kept us up late, packing orders for Christmas and it seems as though you are still going strong, as switching ebay and amazon on again has produced lots of orders.

Some customers had asked us why our website is so poor at searching and we have been looking to try and make it better.  We think we have found a solution in starting a different website with a view to it being a replacement.  In the meantime although it is now live with MOST products on it, we are still working on it.  If you have the time and wouldn’t mind could you give it whirl and if you happen to be wanting to order then please do so.  We are offering a 20% discount using the voucher code “www.maldonjewellery.net” (without quotes)  which should be valid until 27th January 2017.

Please note the code won’t work on any other site apart from http://www.maldonjewellery.net

All we would ask is for constructive feedback.

Paypal should work correctly and also Amazon payments and of course secure payment by cards but it should be the search that is better.  One further requirement is that you do have to register to be able to use the discount voucher code.  As the other website, we don’t send offers and spam to you as we wouldn’t want to and simply wouldn’t have time.

Anyway, once again have a great new year and of course if we can help then please let us know.

Kind regards Simon

www.maldonjewellery.net discount code is www.maldonjewellery.net valid until the 27th January 2017

Discount code is “www.maldonjewellery.net” valid until the 27th January 2017


£0.99 ebay charm auctions about to end on Thursday 28th April.

Just thought I would let you know that we have some auctions ending tomorrow (Thursday 28th April).

The charms started at £0.99 and some haven’t gone more than that so you could grab a bargain.

Have a look as something may tickle your fancy.

The link should show below but if not please let me know

Kind regards Simon


Maldon Jewellery Ebay auctions