New items just listed 23rd July 2016 on, Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten

Someone just emailed and said that the chopsticks charm was not showing so please bear with me on that one.  Nice to see another female charm rather than male charms.  Last week we had the female football player or as our American cousins call it “Soccer”.  Now the female basketball player below.

If we can help with anything, then please let us know

Kind regards Simon



When are you getting more Adirondack Chair sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Chairs Recliner charms CF4331

thankyou for your call earlier.
Sorry for the delay responding as our phone kept ringing even when I answered it.
I have had to turn it off for now and found your order on Amazon.
We don't have any more at present.
Adirondack Chair sterling silver charm _925 x 1 Chairs Recliner charms CF4331 From Maldon Jewellery - www_maldonjewellery_com_adirondack-chair-sterling-silver-charm-925-x-1-chairs-recli
As the supplier of this charm is outside the UK we only order around once every month to two months.
Their postage price is around $250 dollars so we have to make it viable.

Since BREXIT and the referendum the $ - £ exchange rate has changed incredibly, as well as the silver price hitting the roof.
The two combined doesn't make it a good time to reorder and we will have to wait for now.

I have just tried to contact a friend who carries similar stock to us but her website seems to have crashed.
If she has one then I can get from her and try and let you know.

We do have another style that is similar to this one.  The details and link should show below.
Adirondack chair sterling silver charm _925 x 1 Chairs charms SSLP2586 From Maldon Jewellery - www_maldonjewellery_com_adirondack-chair-sterling-silver-charm-925-x-1-chairs-charms-sslp2
As soon as I have more information I shall get back to you.
Kind regards Simon

New items just listed on Website, Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten (While it still exists in the UK)

Managed to photograph some more charms yesterday and have just relisted.

If we can help with anything, then please let us know

Kind regards Simon


New items just listed on our website 21st July 2016

New items just listed on our website 21st July 2016

New sterling silver charms over the past week or so.

I do get asked why I don’t announce when I get new charms.  (Well, I have been asked twice). To be quite honest, I don’t get the time.  Most of the time is spent picking and packing orders and answering questions from customers.  If I then have time, I will try to photograph and list the new charms but it’s not quick or easy.

We don’t use stock photos most of the time, so we try to photograph at least 4 times, 1 main image and 3 against a ruler to show the width, length and thickness that would also show the reverse and side views.  Below should show a screenshot of our new additions.

If you click the link, it should take you to the category on our website where the sort order will be newest first.

If you have any questions then please le6t me know.

Kind regards Simon



New products from Maldon Jewellery.

Some newly listed products that you might like.

Is there life on other planets and alien spacecraft?

Looking at some of the weirder news, I chanced upon an article that spooked me slightly.

Apparently NASA shut down the Live international space station feed, while a “Mysterious” object entered Earth’s atmosphere. It occurred on July the 9th 2016 but I am sure it’s nothing to worry about.  Our skies are crowded with so many satellites that there is probably no need for alarm.  I looked back through our sales and noticed that we had a surge, well a few more orders than normal, for space craft and alien charms.

From our latest hero in the UK, Tim Peake, to first landings on the Moon, we have astronaut charms and space craft.

Astronaut sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Space and Spaceman charms EC2176

Who was this modelled on. Neil Armstrong, maybe ?

Astronaut sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Spaceman and Space charms EC2177Astronaut sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Space and Spaceman charms EC2176

Astronaut sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Spaceman and Space charms EC2177

Sadly the traditional space shuttles are no longer active, for now, but I am sure a new generation of shuttle type craft will be used soon.

Space Shuttle opening sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Spacecraft charms EC167

UFO sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Flying saucer alien space charms SSLP1893

Alien space craft or our transport for tomorrow ?

Lunar Module sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Space Capsule charms CF189

The Apollo Lunar Module was the lander part of the Apollo spacecraft built to carry a crew of two from lunar orbit to the surface and back. It’s First launch was January 22, 1968 and last on December 7, 1972. Some would believe a conspiracy although most would marvel at the achievement and inspire generations to come.

Maybe our spacecraft of tomorrow will look more like what we consider science fiction to be.  I do believe that space travel is the way forward for us as a race of people, but I do hope that we can learn from the ways we have treated our fellow mankind (and womankind) along with animals and plants and hopefully put it to better use in the future.

If you have any polite B-) comments on yours or our charms then please feel free to post them.  Maybe you have seen some strange sights in the sky.

Take care and if we can ever help the please let us know

Kind regards Simon



Something that you may want to buy the missus for Christmas.

I know Christmas is QUITE a way off, but if your stuck for what to buy her indoors, then this may be just up your street.  It appears that Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring didn’t sell at Sotheby’s auction house.  The bidding started at $19 million US dollars and finished at $22 million but sadly this was not enough to meet the reserve and will have to wait for another day.

So as I say, if there’s a special someone in your life then this might be just the thing she has been looking for. B-)


Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring fails to sell

£0.99 ebay charm auctions about to end on Thursday 28th April.

Just thought I would let you know that we have some auctions ending tomorrow (Thursday 28th April).

The charms started at £0.99 and some haven’t gone more than that so you could grab a bargain.

Have a look as something may tickle your fancy.

The link should show below but if not please let me know

Kind regards Simon

Maldon Jewellery Ebay auctions