Something that you may want to buy the missus for Christmas.

I know Christmas is QUITE a way off, but if your stuck for what to buy her indoors, then this may be just up your street.  It appears that Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring didn’t sell at Sotheby’s auction house.  The bidding started at $19 million US dollars and finished at $22 million but sadly this was not enough to meet the reserve and will have to wait for another day.

So as I say, if there’s a special someone in your life then this might be just the thing she has been looking for. B-)


Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring fails to sell


£0.99 ebay charm auctions about to end on Thursday 28th April.

Just thought I would let you know that we have some auctions ending tomorrow (Thursday 28th April).

The charms started at £0.99 and some haven’t gone more than that so you could grab a bargain.

Have a look as something may tickle your fancy.

The link should show below but if not please let me know

Kind regards Simon

Maldon Jewellery Ebay auctions

Looks like the Queen is having a great time as are the visitors.

It looks like the Queen is enjoying the huge crowds that have gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday.
We have many Royal themed charms from the Queen herself–pjpc234-1650-p.asp

to the corgi dogs that she loves.


and of course we couldn’t finish off without a few extra sterling silver charms that could be rather apt for today.
There is the number 90 silver charm for that 90th birthday.

Lastly, Windsor castle, one of the Queen’s homes.

We do wish the Queen a wonderful 90th birthday and hope she continues well into the future.
It does beg the question though, what does she do when she gets to 100?
Does she have to write a telegram to herself congratulating herself on reaching 100?

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Safety Pin Small sterling silver .925 x 1 Opening Safetypin Nappy Pins WSSM25

Customer question “Hiya, could you please show me a photo of the hallmark? Many thanks”


*** Reply ****
sorry for the delay replying.
These safety pins, like the majority of our stock, is not hallmarked.
It is, like the majority of our stock, sterling silver and complies with ALL UK laws on hallmarking.
As it and most items are under 7.78 grams there is no legal requirement to hallmark.
I shall put our FAQ on hallmarking below but as you may be aware the “925” stamp you will see on a large amount of items is not a hallmark despite what some will tell you.
Just going back to the safety pins, I just checked a few and some have a 925 stamp on the pin near the sharp bit but I think they have started doing this relatively recently.
Some have it and some don’t.
If you did want one with a 925 stamp then please add a note at checkout and I can make sure one is chosen.
I hope the above helps but if we can help further then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

********** FAQ START HALLMARKING ************************
** Please note the below is based on UK (English) Law and may not be the same in your own country **
Hallmarking – Learn More About the Law –
Some items are exempt from hallmarking.
To learn more about HALLMARKING visit as a start.
If an item is under these weights they DONT have to be hallmarked.

1 gram for gold, 0.5 grams for platinum and 7.78 grams for silver.
The manufacturers dont tend to unless they have to as it costs extra money and takes extra time.

Although the items maybe exempt from hallmarking they still have to be as described otherwise this breaks the trades description act and the UK law
Eg you cannot describe an item as 9 carat gold when it is actually gold plated or you cant describe an item as sterling silver when it is 800 standard silver.

All the suppliers we deal with are very particular about hallmarking when needed, as they dont want to be breaking the law. Mistakes do sometimes happen but due to the legal implications this is VERY rare.

The item still has to be as described.
If an item is described as Silver it has to be at least 800 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Sterling Silver it has to be at least 925 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Britannia Silver it has to be at least 958 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
There is also an extra mark 999 which is for 999 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts

There are other exemptions but this can be very complex. For more information about English hallmarks you can start with the Birmingham assay office
Hallmarking – Learn More About the Law –
********** FAQ END HALLMARKING ************************


When jewellery doesn’t sound quite as nice as it should do.

As many will know, we ship to many countries around the world.

I was just having a look at our feedback on, which is Amazon in Germany.  We had 23 ratings, as they call it, so I was excited to see the comments most of which were nice and quite complimentary.  Germany’s postal service has been fairly turbulent of late, seeing many delays.

When I was replying to one feedback that remarked that their item had arrived earlier than expected, I started responding in English and then used Google to translate.

I am not good at languages and rely heavily on translation services but was surprised when I reread my text and the translation below.

“Jewellery” translated into German is “Schmuck”.

It does make you think how strange language can be in that some words are so similar and obviously closely related but others don’t even appear close.


Amazon positive feedback Maldon Jewellery

Danke für Ihre netten Worte. Ich bin froh, die Streiks nicht Ihre Lieferung betroffen.
Pass auf
Simon (Maldon Schmuck)

Thankyou for your kind words.  I am glad the strikes have not affected your delivery.
Take care
Simon ( Maldon Jewellery )

Recent Purchase of

I have just checked the listing and this is the largest size that our suppliers make.
Looking at the measurements on the photos against a ruler, it is apx 25mm including the jump ring.
We do have other Chinese symbols, BUT they are all about the same size or smaller.

If you would like to return it then we can refund in full.
We carry about 4000-5000 items and I photograph every one of them apx 3 times against a ruler, to show the length, thickness and reverse also.

Sorry it wasn’t large enough.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards Simon


On 06/07/2015 14:05, J XXXXXXXXXX wrote:


>I have just received the silver pendant item number CF5312.

>I like it very much, but it is smaller than I anticipated.  Do you have these Chinese symbol pendants in a bigger size?





Canary in a cage sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Birds Cages Charms BJ1010

>>>Hi there, does this charm open at the bottom to show the bird?


sorry for the delay replying as we are closed (sort of ) over Easter.
The cage does not open.
This silver bird cage charm is cast as 2 pieces and then the bottom is clipped to the top, but is definitely not hinged.
It would be possible to unclip the 2, but not recommended as the clips could break if pulled too much.

I hope the above makes sense but if we can help further then please let us know
We do have several other birds in cages sterling silver charms as per links below but none of them open by a hinge.

Kind regards Simon–bj1010-6684-p.asp