just back in the office again and I don't think there is any way the chain will fit.
 Although the loop of the scorpion pendant is apx 8mm long and the width is about 4mm at it's widest, to get a chain to comfortably fit, I would allow a few mm.
 So sadly no, a 9mm chain would not fit it.
 Sorry we couldn't help much.
 Kind regards Simon

We do have other silver scorpion charms but as they are charms they are much smaller and would look lost on such a chain, added to the fact the loops would be much smaller too.


Item: Scorpion sterling silver pendant .925 x 1 Scorpio Zodiac Scorpions SSLP303 [Jewellery] [ASIN: B015YCNIX4]

>>>>Could you possibly tell me the depth of the bail on this , Scorpion sterling silver pendant .925 x 1 Scorpio Zodiac Scorpions SSLP303 , as I have a chain which is 9mm in width , and want to know if it will fitfireshot-screen-capture-1310-scorpion-sterling-silver-pendant-_925-x-1-scorpio-zodiac-scorpions-sslp303-maldon-jewellery-www_maldonjewellery_net_pendants_1750-scorpion-sterling-silver-pendant


It’s lovely to hear the meanings that some of the charms have for their recipients BUT……

Well this question tickled me somewhat.

An ebay customer asked

“Hi, I’ve bought this Cat on the Toilet charm as a gift for a friend who has an incontinent cat!! I just noticed you have the silver trigger clips to attach it to a bracelet, could you advise me as to which size would best suit the charm? Many thanks I’ll buy it as soon as I know, regards A*******”

Obviously, suited the customer down to the ground and I hope her friend saw the funny side.

Incontinent cats