Something that you may want to buy the missus for Christmas.

I know Christmas is QUITE a way off, but if your stuck for what to buy her indoors, then this may be just up your street.  It appears that Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring didn’t sell at Sotheby’s auction house.  The bidding started at $19 million US dollars and finished at $22 million but sadly this was not enough to meet the reserve and will have to wait for another day.

So as I say, if there’s a special someone in your life then this might be just the thing she has been looking for. B-)


Shirley Temple’s blue diamond ring fails to sell


£0.99 ebay charm auctions about to end on Thursday 28th April.

Just thought I would let you know that we have some auctions ending tomorrow (Thursday 28th April).

The charms started at £0.99 and some haven’t gone more than that so you could grab a bargain.

Have a look as something may tickle your fancy.

The link should show below but if not please let me know

Kind regards Simon

Maldon Jewellery Ebay auctions

Looks like the Queen is having a great time as are the visitors.

It looks like the Queen is enjoying the huge crowds that have gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday.
We have many Royal themed charms from the Queen herself–pjpc234-1650-p.asp

to the corgi dogs that she loves.


and of course we couldn’t finish off without a few extra sterling silver charms that could be rather apt for today.
There is the number 90 silver charm for that 90th birthday.

Lastly, Windsor castle, one of the Queen’s homes.

We do wish the Queen a wonderful 90th birthday and hope she continues well into the future.
It does beg the question though, what does she do when she gets to 100?
Does she have to write a telegram to herself congratulating herself on reaching 100?

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