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I thought I would just add this great site I just found out about.
I ordered some squeaky balls for our Sprocker puppy and saw these on ebay.
The balls are fantastic quality as I have had a couple before on Amazon, but more expensive.
I ordered 2 on Thursday Evening about 5PM and to my amazement they arrived the next morning around 8AM.
I was gobsmacked at the great service and messaged the seller.
She was so nice and thanked me for my kind words and feedback and mentioned that she helped with rescue dogs.
Leading on from that, Sally mentioned their website just in case I wanted to have a nose.

So for anyone that is thinking of rehoming or rescue dogs or adoption or wanting to make a donation, please have a little look at their website.



Other: mXXXXXX0 sent a message about Dog whistle sterling silver pendant – key fob .925 x 1 Dogs Whistles CEL9973 #201271381756

>>Question :

>>Please can you tell me if the jump ring is stamped with 925

sorry for the delay replying.
I just wanted to physically make sure what was on these and just having a closeup look.
The large ring is fully ENGLISH HALLMARKED. Not a 925 stamp.
It is quite difficult to see but definitely there.
There is actually a 925 stamp on the underside of the mouthpiece, which is shown on the 4th image.—key-fob-925-x-1-dogs-whistles-cel9973-13774-p.asp

If we can help any further then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

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>>Question :

>>Please can you tell me if the jump ring is stamped with 925

gXXXXXXXXXn8 sent a message about Eiffel Tower sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Landmark France Paris Charms BJ2238 #200976426678

>>>>Hi is the hallmarked pls?

thankyou for contacting us about hallmarking.
No, the Eiffel tower is not hallmarked.
It is made in the UK and as is sterling silver.
As it is under 7.78 grams the UK law does not require any type of marking.
I shall put our FAQ below re hallmarking but if we can help further then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

********** FAQ START HALLMARKING ************************
** Please note the below is based on UK (English) Law and may not be the same in your own country **
Hallmarking – Learn More About the Law –
Some items are exempt from hallmarking.
To learn more about HALLMARKING visit as a start.
If an item is under these weights they DONT have to be hallmarked.

1 gram for gold, 0.5 grams for platinum and 7.78 grams for silver.
The manufacturers dont tend to unless they have to as it costs extra money and takes extra time.

Although the items maybe exempt from hallmarking they still have to be as described otherwise this breaks the trades description act and the UK law
Eg you cannot describe an item as 9 carat gold when it is actually gold plated or you cant describe an item as sterling silver when it is 800 standard silver.

All the suppliers we deal with are very particular about hallmarking when needed, as they dont want to be breaking the law. Mistakes do sometimes happen but due to the legal implications this is VERY rare.

The item still has to be as described.
If an item is described as Silver it has to be at least 800 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Sterling Silver it has to be at least 925 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Britannia Silver it has to be at least 958 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
There is also an extra mark 999 which is for 999 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts

There are other exemptions but this can be very complex. For more information about English hallmarks you can start with the Birmingham assay office
Hallmarking – Learn More About the Law –
********** FAQ END HALLMARKING ************************


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>>>>Hi is the hallmarked pls?



Daddys Little Girl sterling silver charm .925 Father Love charms SSLP2892 #360811816543

I’m afraid we don’t have any engraving facilities at all.

Sorry we couldn’t help.
Kind regards Simon


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Are u able to put XXXX XXX XXX and dad on each side to give it my daughter cheers

Trade discounts

we certainly do discounts.
The link below takes you to the page on our website.

Please note that these are subject to change at any time.
Royal Mail special delivery has to be selected for the majority of the UK discounts apart from the the 5% discount that requires at least Recorded signed for.
The maximum we currently do is 30% so as long as you have 30 or more items in your basket and select Special delivery, the discount will show on your order screen.
If we can help any further then please let us know.
Kind regards Simon

On 05/03/2015 11:17, AXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Hi there,
could you tell me if you do any wholesale or trade discounts at all.