Buses or Busses. No I haven’t gotten madder but the English language certainly makes you think.

Well we do try to make sure the information and spelling is as accurate as possible.
Here’s one of the things I wanted to double check earlier.
Busses or Buses.

I have always known it spelled “Buses”, but it appears that “Busses” may also be acceptable.
The good old English language is full of surprises!!!.
PS if you want any double decker bus or coach charms then click the link below.



Thank you from Amazon customer vXXX (Order: 202-XXXX-XXXXX0) Traction Engine sterling silver charm

thankyou for contacting us about the traction engine charm.
I am glad you are happy and liked it.
This one is a lovely little charm as the front wheels move and the back wheels rotate.
A bit of size difference compared to the real thing.

Unfortunately that was the last one but we will be getting more in stock soon.
If we can ever help in the future then please let us know
Kind regards Simon


On 12/02/2015 13:31, vXXX – Amazon Marketplace wrote:

Order ID 2XXXXXXXXX0: 1 of Traction engine sterling silver charm .925 x 1 steam engines charms PJPC393 [ASIN: B008G4Q1RI] 

------------- Begin message -------------

hi thank you so much for this little charm you sent to me it so special to me now as it reminds me of what im doing now learning how to preserve something well the real thing anyway but thank you so much and I absolutely love it thank you 

------------- End message -------------

WEB Customer information request for Dick Whittington silver pantomime charm.

we put through an order to this supplier on the 13th January for 365 charms.
I just double checked and we ordered the Dick Whittington charms.
Currently we have received about 139 charms on the order as they now send when they have produced a batch.
We have literally received another batch today BUT I am sad to say the Dick Whittington is not in there.

I shall email them and see if they can give us an idea of time.
I am sorry for the delay but this is what is so frustrating for us also.
One of the main charms we need is the Staffie dog charm EC2009 but they are taking an age to get it to us.
Kind regards Simon


On 1X/0X/2015 10:48, iXXXXXXm wrote:

Customer Information Request 
Hi Before xmas I spoke to a gentleman regarding a Dick Whittington Cat and Milestone silver charm that you had previously stocked. 
I was advised that at that time you were out of stock with no possibility of getting it back in before xmas. 
I still require this item but see that still no sign of new stock. 
Is it possible that you can obtain this item for me with delivery before end of month? 
I look forward to your reply Regards IXXXXXXXXl

Wicca and Wiccan sterling silver charms

Had some sterling silver Wicca charms in, a little while ago.
I haven’t moved them into the correct categories yet but a search for Wicca, as below, will show them.



Nana charm

sorry for any confusion.
The charm is as the pictures “Nana”
The Grandmother Granny and Nan are there as some people search for those words and it helps them to find it.

I hope the helps but if we can help further then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

On 10/02/2015 20:02, KiXXXXXk wrote:

Hi I just placed an order for a nana charm. Just to confirm this is what it is as the confirmation emails advised nan/grandma. Thanks KXX

What are we doing posting emails as blog posts.

Why are we putting emails on our blog posts?
Well, we get questions every day and thought that if we published to the blog, it may well help point others in the right direction.
Don’t forget If we can help with anything then please drop us an email or comment.
Kind regards Simon Everett

Product details enquiry from Amazon customer GXXXXXXXXXXt

I have just been checking through the stock and sadly we don’t have any heavier as a bracelet and then a necklace that would match.
We have some necklaces that are heavier links as 18 inch.
IDBN39918 and IDBN00218
The two links are below for Amazon.


I am afraid the photos are not the best but the image against the ruler gives a slightly better idea.
Sorry there is not a lot of choice but let us know if we can help any further.
Kind regards Simon

On 10/02/2015 09:32, xxxxxxxxx- Amazon Marketplace wrote:

For Your Information: To help arbitrate disputes and preserve trust and safety, we retain all messages buyers and sellers send through Amazon.co.uk. This includes your response to the message below. For your protection we recommend that you only communicate with buyers and sellers using this method.