Weather sterling silver charms at

With the weather hitting the headlines and the incredible hurricane Irene in the US it seems to have prompted some sales of our weather sterling silver charms. has quite a range of sterling silver charms associated with the weather.

Weather Vane Cockerel Sterling Silver Charm

Weather house sterling silver charm.

Sun Appearing Over A Cloud – Pendant Sterling Silver Charm

Sterling silver sun with face charm

Sunface – Pendant Sterling Silver Charm

Cyclone Hurricane tornado stg silver charm .925

There are plenty more of these weather sterling silver charms at

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We do hope that everyone affected in the USA stays safe.

Kind regards Simon


I’m a little teapot.

Here in England there’s nothing we like better than a cup of tea.

Many people take away these quaint little customs and look to some charms to remind them of our ways.

We have many types of teapot silver charms and what better to go with it than a bit of cake silver charm.

Im a Little Teapot st silver charm .925 x 1 SSLP3157

teapot silver charms

Teapot silver charms

A Teapot sterling silver charm

Teapot Sterling Silver Charm

We have so many other designs from teapot charms with cute mice inside.

Teapot bead charms.

Tiny Teapot charms.

Opening teapot charms.

Also some as sets with a teapot, cup and saucer and cake on a plate.

Remember a piece of England and have a cup of tea………

Sterling silver I Love You spinner charms pendants.

We get a lot of people that remark that they had spinner charms – pendants many years ago.

They are amazed to see that they still exist.

For those that are thinking¬† “what on earth are spinning charms”, I’ll explain.

These items are charms or pendants, depending on your use, that comprise of two pieces:-

A disc thats double sided and a frame that holds the disc in place but allows the disc to spin.

That’s probably not a very good explanation so I’ll insert an image.

Sterling silver I Love You Spinner charm charms

Sterling silver I Love You Spinner charm charms

The image shows rather strange dashes BUT with a combination of dashes on the other side when spun the eyes see them as the words I Love You.–sterling-silver-charm-ec1025-513-p.asp

The charm is available as :-

With Love

If you would like any more information or sizes then please visit our website or ebay store.

Royal Wedding

Interesting that we have had a range of Royal Wedding charms for some time and strangely they have not been pounced upon.

But today we see 2 gone.

I really am amazed.


London and Royal Silver Charms

Theres plenty of other Royal charms too ranging from the Queen on horseback, Buckingham Palace and the Tower Of London.¬† They don’t cut your head off anymore, but maybe if they did we could send a few rioters there.

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Hope everyone is having a great week.

Kind regards Simon